Mandalas are round images that have their
origin in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Sans-
krit word "mandala" can be translated as
circle or circumference but it also means
completion. The spherical shape attracts
our gaze and the patterns can have an
almost hypnotising effect which is enhanced
by the kaleidoscopic design.

I discovered the kaleidoscope through the
quilts of Paula Nadelstern. She combines
small pieces of fabric into stunning kaleidos-
copic circles. I would look at the photos of
her quilts over and over again and then
decided to use the idea for my mandala

A mandala is started at the centre and
gradually worked towards the outer circle.
Each "piece of the pie" is divided into two
so that the design can be mirrored. Each
finished painting is a surprise because it
is impossible to tell from the design parts
what the whole will look like.
On the following pages, I will explain in
detail how to create a kaleidoscopic mandala
so that you can design your own.

Create your own Mandala


© 2011 Andrea Braun-Radnedge